A Letter to Stakeholders

Dear Stakeholders of the Darien Public Schools,

Recent events that have transpired with the Darien Public Schools have had a great impact on the members of the Darien Education Association.

The DEA and our members have assisted with the investigation process conducted by the board of education’s investigator, attorneys, and administrative staff in an effort, to put the focus back on instruction and our students. Countless members have volunteered their time to answer questions in an attempt to shed light on the events as they continue to unfold. The Darien Education Association provided our members with representation in those interviews to safeguard the rights of our educators, while confirming that they must be honest and forthcoming to ensure that policies are repaired.

During these challenging times, we remain committed to all of the stakeholders of the Darien Public Schools who share our vision and recognize the value of educating all students. We hope that we can emerge from this as a stronger community of public education advocates, with an increased understanding of the importance that we all work together. We remain dedicated to and invested in the positive collaboration between all stakeholders and welcome further opportunities to share ideas and provide feedback on proposed changes.

Our members remain dedicated to meeting the needs of all students, including those with special needs, while working in a partnership with their parents.  As teachers, school counselors, social workers, speech and language pathologists, curriculum leaders, and school psychologists, we have witnessed unwavering professionalism and commitment on the part of all who work with Special Education students. We continue to welcome teamwork as we design student programs through the planning and placement team process.  We support students with special needs both in and out of the classroom by offering many resources, modify our lesson plans, and making ourselves available for the emotional, intellectual, and physical needs of our special education students.  Regular education teachers and Special Education teachers work hand-in-hand providing a rigorous, yet achievable, curriculum for all of our students.

While we acknowledge the responsibility associated with the implementation of individualized education plans, we also know that our work with special education students goes far beyond that plan. Throughout the district, our members work on behalf of the academic growth, comfort, and safety of our special education students.  We hope that more of an effort is made to note the achievements of our members and  our school district; that more effort is made to note the progress of our special education students as they interact with their classmates, take an important role in class discussions, act, sing or dance in school plays, play sports, put in the extra effort to meet their teachers for guidance, and continue to function as productive and integral members of our society.

As an association we value special education students as vibrant members of our school community, and take great pride as they continue to achieve and to thrive throughout their lives.


Rich Fisco, President of the Darien Education Association

On behalf of the Darien Education Association


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