Hello Darien Public Schools!

As many of you know, April 2nd will be the 8th annual World Autism Awareness Day and the Darien Education Association would like to encourage everyone to “Light It Up Blue” to show our support for this amazing cause.

How outstanding would it be if at every school in town: all the teachers, students, administrators, custodians, cafeteria workers, secretaries, nurses, paraprofessionals, EVERYONE were wearing blue to show our support and raise awareness?

What if that blue spread not only through the seven schools in town but also to Central Office and to all the members of the Board of Education?  Envision our entire school community wearing blue to show how important this day is in our town.

The entire month of April is dedicated to Autism Awareness and we encourage you to go to to find additional ways to have an impact.

What better way to come together then for the support of something so worthy?  So spread the word!  Administrators, teachers, students, Board of Education members, paraprofessionals, custodians, cafeteria workers, secretaries, nurses, EVERYONE involved in the Darien Public Schools…on April 2nd strut your stuff and LIGHT IT UP BLUE!


Darien Education Association


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